I THREW ICE CREAM AWAY! I never thought that was possible!

Working with Dawn will be THE BEST thing you'll ever do for yourself!

I finally understand WHY I have been overeating!

I can't believe that I threw away ice cream without thinking about it!

I did EVERY DIET!! Nothing worked until this program!

If you want to overcome emotional eating...Dawn is your girl!

I'm losing weight, people are noticing, and I have my LIFE BACK!

Working with Dawn is bringing me back to life! I feel amazing!

Working with Dawn SAVED MY LIFE!!

Dawn completely changed how I see myself!! I've NEVER felt this confident!

I don't feel ashamed of myself anymore! This is unlike ANY OTHER PROGRAM!


This program saved my life. It’s that simple.


My blood sugar since 2008 has been spiraling up! The more I worried about it, the more sugar I ate, and the worse it got. Since I’ve been on this program, my blood sugar is within normal range! That is HUUUUUGE for me! I’m very proud of that!


I figured out that 2 pieces of dark chocolate a day are not adding more inches to my waist than the nearly 3 decades of stress I asked my body to tolerate.


I used to have no self-worth because I was fat and I truly thought losing weight was my answer. I did everything I could, but I couldn’t get past the obsession that I was “fat”, and I hated myself for it. I know now that being happy within myself was the key that turned everything around. It’s been an AMAZING thing! I’m losing weight but I am no longer focusing on my weight. But by golly I’ve found how to be happy again with or without the weight loss. This program has taught me that being happy with myself is NOT about the food or dieting, and that I don’t need to lose weight to find value within myself. My weight no longer defines me. YOU taught me that, Dawn! And I am so appreciative!


I’ve been working with Dawn for the past few weeks and learning A LOT! During our session last week, I told Dawn that I’d just celebrated a birthday that week and one of my co-workers sent me a photo and for the FIRST time in a very long time I didn’t cringe when I saw this photo of myself. I was in my brother’s wedding last summer and just hated seeing myself in photos because I was so unhappy with my body. I only looked at the photos I wasn’t in. But I will say I’m finding my stride, wearing clothes that make me feel pretty again, and LOVING Mindful Eating!!


I’m only a few days in to it and it feels like a switch turned on! Is it typical for this to work so quickly or to feel this good so soon? I mean there’s still 6 more modules! I can’t imagine what’s still to come!


Blood pressure = Normal! Cholesterol = Normal! Weight down, anxiety gone, stress gone, feel good and go about my day with NO MEDS! Just being my new happy self!


The curiosity was killing me, so I jumped on the scale and I have lost 63 lbs since the program ended!


I FEEL FREE! After just 5 weeks of working with Dawn, I know that I will never have to go on another diet EVER AGAIN! I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!! This is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself!


One month in and without a doubt this is the BEST choice I ever made!! I’m not EVEN kidding!!


I’M DOWN 16 LBS SINCE I STARTED!! How is that possible?! I had a burger for dinner last night! I just can’t believe it! I feel amazing and so hopeful for my life! Thank you so much!


One month in and I CANNOT believe what I’ve learned! So many “ah ha” moments for me this week…OMG! And it’s simple! Soooo simple! I just cannot believe the years and the $$$ I’ve lost and wasted on all those diet programs, books, etc. To know now that I absolutely DON’T need their diets and special foods because I have finally found my own way is EXHILERATING to say the least! I AM BREAKING FREE and it shows!! Thank you, Dawn!! Thank you thank you thank you!!


It was my birthday dinner tonight so I decided to try on a dress that I haven’t been able to fit in to in years. IT FIT! I even got to each my favorite dish AND dessert, celebrate with my family and leave feeling AWESOME! This feels so good. Module 6 here I come!


OMG!!! HUGE MOMENT!!! I came to work today and there were cookies, donuts and fudge in the breakroom. Normally I would be stuffing my face while no one was looking, and sneak a few more cookies throughout the day. BUT I DIDN’T!! I used the tools we talked about on our call last week and I realized that I didn’t even want them! I walked away feeling so good!!! I never thought this would be possible! So excited!!


I feel free! I have my life back and I know that I will never have to go on another diet ever again! This program has been life changing!


I LOVED this program! I am not on a diet anymore!! I have told all my friends and even some people I don’t really know that they need to take this course! Thank god for Dawn! I needed this so badly. I was at the end of my rope, so to speak. This program changed everything!


I don’t know why we aren’t taught these skills from childhood! I learned so much from Dawn, and I am now eating and living better than I ever have! I feel amazing

Lorri C

Ultimately, I ended up losing about 15 lbs during the program, but it’s even more now because I have kept going after the program was over. My skin is glowing, my energy levels are higher, and I am pursuing new goals and dreams! It was more than I had hoped for! I am so grateful for Dawn and her patience with me as a went through those emotional ups and downs while I was learning to nurture myself on soooo many levels. Thank you Dawn, for shedding light on proper nutrition and what it means to be mindful, and taking care of yourself so that you can properly care for others as well. I am, and will be forever grateful!


This program saved my life! It brought me out of my shell, and I finally feel like myself again! I cannot recommend working with Dawn enough!